Daily Science journals

GUIDELINES for the Daily Science Journals & Reflections

Daily Science Journal (DSJ): Everyday you will spend the first five to eight minutes of class writing a journal entry. During this time you will write a 15 sentence paragraph that will inform, explain, or describe a concept from your science class. Use the following format for each journal entry:

  1. Begin with an introduction. Reword the prompt to help you get started.
  2. Continue with three “supporting sentences” that will support/describe your introduction. This is the “Body” of your paragraph.
  3. End with a conclusion. Reword the introduction.

Example of a good DSJ:

Prompt: What are some strategies for obtaining a good grade on a test/exam?

Student Response:

Introduction: Working toward a good grad on a test involves hard work and planning.
Supporting sentence#1: First, always pay close attention to the teacher.
Supporting sentence#2: Second, review your notes and find a good study strategy.
Supporting sentence#3: Finally, get enough sleep the night before the test.
Conclusion: Planning what to do before a test and then following through will help increase test scores.

Daily Science Reflection (DSR): At the end of each day you will have 5 minutes to reflect on what your have learned for the day. During this time you will write a minimum of 10 sentences that answers part of or all of the DCI: What are cells made up of and how is that important to the cell?

Example of a good response for DSR:
Introduction: Cells are made up of different organelles.
Detail: There is the nucleus or the control center and the ribosome that helps produce proteins.
Detail: In addition, the cell membrane is a structure that helps substances into and out of the cell.


DSJ:  1. Must be 10 sentences long

2. DSJ # must be written on top line

3. All 10 periods must be highlighted

DSR:  1. Must be 10 sentences long

2. DSR # must be written on top line

3. All 10 periods must be highlighted

DSJ and DSR done correctly with all elements present:        35 points

Any one part of DSJ or DSR missing:                                     5 points each

  • There are no assignments due this month.